Your guide to gaining muscle, losing fat, and fuelling your strength training on a plant-based diet.

Your vegan athlete starter kit!



Sprouted Gains is an ebook that shows you how to enjoy delicious plant-based foods while making sure you nail your fitness and physique goals.

The best part? You don't have to cut carbs, chug 3 protein shakes a day, forgo your favourite foods, or spend 5 hours meal prepping every Sunday.

So you went vegan...

Perhaps you watched The Game Changers? Or read articles about environmental destruction caused by animal agriculture?

Whatever the motivation, you want to make sure you do this vegan thing right. You want to maintain (and gain) muscle, lose fat, and generally sport a badass physique.

With documentaries like The Game Changers and foods like Beyond and Impossible burgers, the popularity of veganism is exploding. Professional athletes are realizing that plant-based diets can help them recover faster and train harder.  

You want in on the action, but you want to make sure you'll be doing it right!

How do you ensure you get the protein you need? What should you eat to fuel (and recover from) your training? What about vegan macros? Will you need to take any supplements? What the hell are you gonna eat at restaurants?!


Concerned that you might be sabotaging your gym results with your nutrition?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the conflicting information out there on the internet?

Relate to this message I got from a client?

"Since switching to a vegan diet I've become more concerned with my nutrition in relation to my fitness. I'm curious what a vegan athlete's diet looks like. I feel I have hit a plateau.


Not sure where to start with this whole vegan thing?

Worried you might lose muscle or gain fat by transitioning to a 100% plant-based diet?

Relate to this email from a client?

"I've tried two dietitians, and one personal trainer in the past, none of which were vegan. They were new to this concept, and they couldn't provide me with the guidance I needed.” 

When I went vegan (21 years ago, way before it was cool!), I started strength training at the same time. I had no idea what I was doing, or what to eat to fuel muscle-building--especially as a "hard gainer".

I spun my wheels for several years with a less-than-optimal diet, but started learning more while in grad school, completing my Masters in Gerontology, specializing in health and aging. In the same month as I defended my thesis, I completed my personal trainer certification and started working with clients.

Almost a decade later, with some serious strength gains under my belt, I now help vegan clients all over the world ensure their diets are supporting--rather than sabotaging--their hard work in the gym.

Oh, and I can do chin-ups weighted with an additional 50 pounds. That's 40% of my body weight! When I started strength training, I could do exactly zero chin-ups.

My ebook, Sprouted Gains, gives you all the knowledge I've amassed on vegan nutrition for strength training, for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching.


...but most of my clients call me Coach K. I've written five books, I write for magazines like alive Magazine and VegNews, and I host the popular No-Bullsh!t Vegan podcast.

Most importantly, my team and I help clients worldwide transition to veganism, ensure their nutrition supports their fitness and physique goals, and get super strong.

I wrote Sprouted Gains to give you all the tools you need to kick ass with your training and nail your physique goals on a 100% plant-based diet.

No all-day food prep marathons or diets of lettuce and protein powder required!

Don't worry, I'm not going to suggest that you walk around with a kitchen scale, weighing all your food. You don't need to spend hours in the grocery store finding expensive ingredients you've never heard of, either.

Currently on sale. Normally $39!



Sprouted Gains is a full-length (112-page) e-book written specifically for people on plant-based diets who strength train (or intend to start).

If you're already vegan, this book will ensure you're getting the best results possible from the hard work you put in at the gym. If you're not yet vegan, you'll learn my simple approach to transitioning to a plant-based diet, one meal at a time.

Here's a run-down of what's included in Sprouted Gains:


For those impatient folks who wanna get right into kicking ass as a vegan athlete.


The nuts 'n' bolts of vegan meal prep, including snacks and smoothies.


Protein: everyone's fave vegan topic. Let's bust protein and muscle-building myths for good!


A few key nutrients vegan athletes need to pay special attention to.


You don't need supplements, but a select few might help you kick [even] more ass.


Learn how to calculate calories and macros to nail your fitness and physique goals.


Included with Sprouted Gains is a 37-page bonus guide, with food log samples, interviews with vegan experts, and more.


A collection of videos, readings, and other awesome resources to further your vegan badassery.

Currently on sale. Normally $39!

Review from a reader:

"Karina, almost done with your book and love it! Thank you for writing something that is well-cited by sources that are respected. I'm learning a lot and it keeps this vegan fire lit in me. I started out for nutritional purposes, as you call plant-based in the book, but the more I read, the more I am understanding about the ethical component of being vegan. All that to say, thank you for writing and sharing this ebook!"



With your purchase of Sprouted Gains, you get a second ebook, completely for free!

The Companion Guide contains detailed vegan food log samples, interviews with vegan experts, and more resources to supplement what you've learned in Sprouted Gains.


Here's a sample of some of the delicious recipes you'll get in Sprouted Gains: crunchy roasted chickpeas, Thai peanut curry, and tofu scramble--all high in protein to fuel your training and muscle growth, and all quick and simple to make.

Oh, and they're all made with regular, non-weird ingredients you can find at any grocery store. (Hey, if you wanna test out freekeh, snow fungus, or triticale berries, be my guest. But you won't find any ingredients that require a trip to a specialty health food store in Sprouted Gains recipes.)

Currently on sale!

30-day money back guarantee: 

If Sprouted Gains isn't what you were looking for, just email me at karina@karinainkster.com (or get in touch with me on Facebook), and you'll receive a full refund immediately.

NOTE: Sprouted Gains is an ebook. No physical product will be shipped. Once your payment is accepted, you'll receive an email with your book ready to download in PDF format. You'll be able to open the book in any PDF viewer, including Adobe Acrobat, Preview for Mac, and more.


"Being a vegetarian for four years, I was ready to make the change and become vegan, but couldn’t quite do it by myself. I Googled “vegan fitness coach” and found Karina’s website. So happy I did! Her guidance and support were exactly what I needed to commit to veganism.

I can now proudly call myself vegan and I’m stronger than ever before. Thanks Coach K!"

- Abby

"When I first met Karina, I had hit a wall. I was active but still wasn’t eating right, and together we took my vegan nutrition and training to the next level. I lost 18 pounds and gained a ton of strength and lots of new muscle. I learned to control how I ate, measure portions and overall really get in tune with my body. Everything I learned with Karina as a coach will stick with me for the rest of my life."

- Jeremy

"When I found Coach K online I had just started an 8 week challenge at my gym. I'm the only vegan there, and was getting a lot of conflicting info on how much protein I was going to need. I hadn't done any high intensity workouts since becoming vegan and I was very uncertain how to proceed.

Thankfully I found Coach K and she helped immensely with getting my macros in line to support my workouts. It was exactly the help I needed.

I've gained muscle and definitely have become stronger. I also lost 7 pounds, which I was thrilled about!"

- Amy

"Thanks to Karina, I’m stronger at 37 than I’ve ever been in my life."

- Marian

"Karina coached me on nutrition, and as a person who slides pretty easily into the "Junk Food Vegan" category, I really needed the help! Karina provided resources that I will use forever, and really shed light on the nutritional needs I'd been falling short of with very doable solutions that I was able to put into practice right away.  

I feel much more in control of my diet thanks to Karina, with a clarity I just couldn't find on my own. Working in the world of fitness I've been frustrated since so many nutrition plans are animal-protein based, and a lot of the professionals I've worked with don't know how to translate their plans to a plant-based diet. To have that knowledge for myself has been transformational, and I feel like I'm a better advocate for myself and a better ambassador for the vegan lifestyle as a result."

- Liz